Sattviko Makhane - All Flavors Jar Combo

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Roasted Flavoured Makhane -: 

Sattviko presents a lip-smacking and tantalizing Makhana combo of Pudina, Peri-Peri, and Herb&Cheese Makhana. Makhanas or foxnuts are foods eaten in Indian households during fasting to keep hunger at bay and give instant energy. Not only that Makhana is very rich in calcium and fiber content. Pop Sattviko’s yummy makhana to appease your taste buds and enjoy a nutritious snack anywhere and any time. You can also enjoy the Peri-Peri makhana if you are in the mood for some spice or the Herb& Cheese makhana to snack in style. It is a flavor bursting combo without the pesky side- effect of weight gain.